Staring Competition ~ Phan AU

Staring Competition ~ Phan AU

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New kid, Dan Howell moves in to town. His first impression with the shy kid, Phil, is not great. Does that mean they will never talk to each other. No. But with all of their encounters, it gets worse and Dan is starting to look like he hates everyone. When Dan and Phil get paired in a project, things may change. There view of each other, of the school, of life itself... 
There is someone else is out there, looking for Dan and his family. And another. One has good intentions and the other does not. Who are these people?

(writing improves throughout story)

A Phan AU

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I'm the nerd...
                              And I would say artist but I don't know how to draw...
Ryee-chan Ryee-chan Jun 22
I read it wrong and was about to say oH LOOK ITS COLLINS THE FAMILY DOG
Ryee-chan Ryee-chan Jun 22
Phil Lester has a degree in English Linguistics hmmm yes though he is v clumsy and executes many word flubs I find him ideal to be Daniel Le—
                              Daniel Howell’s tutor (:
if my teacher made me do this i'd run out if the classroom lmao
Ryee-chan Ryee-chan Jun 22
i hate that my school makes us sign up for a locker
                              “yOu nEeD tO hAvE hAd pAsSiNg gRaDeS aNd nO U’s”
JustSomePan JustSomePan Sep 27
In my school that’s Latin and Greek, but sometimes it’s also German, history or Dutch