Her Human Mate (Book 1)

Her Human Mate (Book 1)

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Bambi By bambifriendly Updated Sep 23, 2016

Soulmate Series: Book One

Highest Ranking in Werewolf: #30 - 2/23/16

Cover By: Raeken

Katherine Mitchell, the strong, shy, soon-to-be Luna, of her pack. She has just recently turned seventeen, and had found her mate. 

A human. 

Kingsley Carter, a human who knows nothing of the supernatural. He doesn't even know he has a soulmate and is destined to be an Alpha of a pack of werewolves. 

How will Kat get King to notice her? Will things work out between them?

Adriannap56015 Adriannap56015 May 05, 2016
Loving her curves is about a girl werewolf and her mate is human
xx_Horan_Hugs_xx xx_Horan_Hugs_xx Jun 13, 2016
I'm not scared of my mother. It's all I can do to not laugh at her sometimes bc she thinks I am for some reason lmao
sareena_15 sareena_15 Dec 13, 2016
Tbh my parents are chill af unless my mom's pised and has full savage mode on then rip hajaj
major_bedhead major_bedhead Jun 25, 2016
Boy 😂😂😂😂 you throw pens at her cause her nickname is pen
Wolf_Queen15 Wolf_Queen15 2 days ago
He a fuckboi? But I want to know this Kingsley Fricking Carter..
AA-uk955 AA-uk955 Aug 29, 2016
...when she says your full name..*steps back with hand in the air looking down*