Dark Thorns | Harry Styles AU

Dark Thorns | Harry Styles AU

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"Saying art can be taught is as unconvincing as telling a suicidal girl that death is worse than living: simply inaccurate."
Arabella is a sweet girl with high aspirations, a never-give-up attitude, and she just so happens to be down in her luck when it comes to discovering the darker side of art. Whereas, Harry is a boy who lives life like it's unimportant. He's guarded and brooding, two qualities that Arabella can't seem to neglect over-analyzing. Harry's so reserved that not even his friends know his real identity; instead, he goes by the name Jigsaw, which quite accurately represents the mystery he presents himself to be.

In need of each other's assistance, the two become partners in order to graduate from Dark Thorn Academy - the most pristine art school in the country. It isn't always easy - far from it, actually - but as he learns to open up and she continues to feed him her love and attention, something happens between them that no one could have predicted. 

But will one secret from his past destroy everything they worked for?

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Mrs. Love is great name. I wanna marry a Mr. Love so my title is love😍
_izzy_16 _izzy_16 Mar 14, 2016
Omg I came across this book on the recommended section  and I thought looks good, and it came up on my notifications that u updated and it's from YOU!! Great story so far and small world hahah
winterfluffy winterfluffy Mar 14, 2016
I don't normally read books that have less than 10 chapters but girl for you I will 😊 This is looking amazing so far, I'm so excited
itsyagirlmirks itsyagirlmirks Mar 17, 2016
Flawless...spontaneous and a hard work women I can wait for the next chapters 😍😍😍
OneDirection_xxx OneDirection_xxx Mar 14, 2016
I love the way you have started this story! Looking forward to reading this book!
LuciferTheGr8 LuciferTheGr8 Aug 19, 2016
Yo it's 3:30 am but I reaaaalllyyy need to keep reading. This book it's good.