Being A Hale

Being A Hale

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{Sequel to Staying With the Hales.} 

Five years after Stiles and Derek come out to their family,both boys have graduated college,live in a condo together, and have very successful careers. 

Life is good,until Derek gets a call from his sister Laura who has invited Stiles and him to a camp retreat with the rest of the family.They go of course but the trip just might stir up some trouble.

I was looking for this and ended up adding waaay more things (your stories) to my library than i meant to 😂
Oh yaaas honey.... U can eat me 4 breakfast lunch and dinna honneeeeyyyyy
IGHT LETS GET THIS SHOW ON THE ROAD THEN!😏😏😏 if uk what i mean...
DerangedPastel DerangedPastel Nov 05, 2016
Oh, stiles tops? I mean it's *cringes* alright... i guess 😅💝
marsuvees1 marsuvees1 May 19, 2016
Anybody else trying to figure out if Derek is wearing pants or if that's just a shadow? I can't tell but I think it might just be a shadow! Lolol
Techno626 Techno626 Apr 06, 2016
They are so sexy , sweet, and dreamy hot they turn me on.....