Psychotic 》d.h

Psychotic 》d.h

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Bites By Chloe_Bites Completed

After a series of mysterious deaths, that looked like forced accidents, the town of Bridgeport is in constant fear of who's next. Including, Anne who wasn't worried until her best friend was found dead in the middle of the woods, she was crucified with upside down crosses craved into her arms. 

All seems safe until Anne feels she is being watched by a dark figure. She ignores it but regrets it soon after she is meets Dan. 


WARNING: For mature audiences, contains gore, sexual activity, drugs, and overall mature content. May offend some readers.

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First off, this is so creepy and I love it. Second, "female Dexter" OKAY OMG I LOVE DEXTER
fab4days fab4days Sep 05
It's almost three am. This isn't fan fic, it's fùcking hrror
anne who can't remember hannah's name:
                              hannah: welcome to your tape… anne
annonym0us_ annonym0us_ Apr 19
for some reason, so far this all just reminds me of Jack the Ripper, i mean - he was never caught so... he could still be alive? lol have shane dawson already done a video on that yet? idk.
Why did the guy from all the scenes in this trailer looked like he was exactly dan?
To the author, you could have made those deaths seem more of murders. Like, the last one is obviously a murder. Burn the first two don't sound like murders. And how would anyone even link the 3 together. Tbh it makes so sense