My Angel In Disguise [Jacksepticeye X Reader] [BOOK 1] [#Wattys2016]

My Angel In Disguise [Jacksepticeye X Reader] [BOOK 1] [#Wattys2016]

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Scarlett Winchester By DeanWinchester2204 Completed

You have just lost your home. Everything. You sit at the apartment crying. He still has to get home. What home exactly? You are scared you might get another beating from him. Nothing can save you now. What will happen?

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Clairebear8903 Clairebear8903 4 days ago
Jack doesn't giggle, he.... ok he giggles like a little bitch...
.......................................caaaaaan you feeeeeel the looooove toniiiiiiiight?~
                              Lol, I'm turning into Mark! XD
I really want blue at the top and fade to green but I'm not allowed to yet T_T
PandaPlayzGamez PandaPlayzGamez 5 days ago
Caaaaaan yooouu feeel the looooooooove toooniiiiiiiiiiiightt?
I swear to god if smut happens to fast in this book like the others I shall stop reading!....after reading the smut ofcourse