My Cruel Bully

My Cruel Bully

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Mystic Wonders By CertifiedMJperv Updated Oct 08

Michael's a Troubled teen
as Ocean is a bullied teen

She doesn't know why people don't like her but she knows Michael Hates her the most he makes her life a living hell and her mother just thinks he's so great and did i mention he was her next door neighbor? 

:D your in for a ride ;)

michealjacksonbae michealjacksonbae 6 days ago
Stop talking about micheal like that we all no he wouldn't do it in real life so calm down
Nononononononooooooooo MICHAEL YOU'VE DONE IT NOW *runs up to Michael tackles him and beats the living shi
                              t out of him*
That was rude and funny because michael is too sweet to say something like that
liyahboo931 liyahboo931 Apr 17
No michael no if you wanna make the world a better place take a look at yourself and make a change yeah!!!!!
JayPratt23 JayPratt23 Jun 13
The teacher just roasted Michael 😥😥😥😥 *thug life*
Oh hell no, if you ever say that to me...i would beat you' ass *starts to inherit mamas ghettoness*