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1 | Return [tvd]

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Blair Gilbert always has been the complete opposite to her twin sister, Elena. Elena was more into reading, and having slumber parties as a pre-teen. Blair, on the other hand, was into drugs, and booze. Starting at the age of 12, Blair took her first drink of alcohol, which lead to her trying marijuana, then oxycodone, and so on. While Elena spent her first few years of being a teenager hanging out with her friends, Blair spent them in Chicago, recovering from her drug addiction. 

After spending five years in Chicago, Blair comes back to Mystic Falls. Nothing is the same when she returns home, though. Her twin has a boyfriend, her little brother is a druggie, her parents are dead, and a lot of others are dying. 


* previously titled Another Gilbert

BeachyCreek BeachyCreek Oct 18
I really hope it's someone like Klaus cause I'm also in love with Klaus. Can you tell by my profile pic lolololol? 😂😂😂
AbigailNeibert AbigailNeibert a day ago
I thought I was the only one who thought Nina and Victoria looked like twins
VoidDamon24 VoidDamon24 Feb 27
February 26th is my birthday
                              .......Today 😊😂😁😆☺😄😅😃
Ooooooooooooooooooooo that's my favorite out of all the vodkas
nightloc nightloc Nov 12, 2015
omg I have a story about a girl called Blair Gilbert and I didn't see this so please don't think I copied you
-dandelixn -dandelixn Jun 01, 2015
I never realized how much she looks like elena until your cover