Alex & Me

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Immortal_Iris By Immortal_Iris Updated 4 years ago
This story is about Zoey Smith's life.
    How she meets Alex Brandon when she's five and how they become the best of friends.
    She realises she has feelings for him but will he return them ? 
    Join her in her journey of finding true love and  becoming the person she was destined to be surrounded by friends, family and love.
This is soo adorable, luvv it, voted, so cute(: Reading oonnn!!
Awwwwwwwwwwww. It's funny because this is kinda how I met my own best friend.
                                    You're very good at writing, I enjoyed it, so please continue :)
um, it's weird...but it's pretty good...........keep writing though!
@Immortal_Iris no problem, its the truth :D ... and i'll probably read the rest of it tonight, i'll just have to upload it onto my ipod and i'm good to go xD!
AWWWWW!!! that is the SWEETEST thing i have ever read! i love how you portrayed their innocence and age! i really can't wait to read on its soo adorable! :D
Aww!! Cutest beginning ever! I like how you captured the innocence too. I know ther rest of the story isn't at this age, but I like how you did it (: some people try but completely fail haha.