The Social Virgin.

The Social Virgin.

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❌SashaTheSas❌ By Saslious Completed

Cover made by AliceLuvsYou. 

Being the last virgin of the popular squad ass. The summer of senior year I find out that even my two best friends have to. Me being Queen B of Western High of Malibu my reputation goes along way. Even my own boyfriend of 2 years isn't a virgin god damn

    Tiana Pierce wants to lose her virginity right before she graduates high school but not just in any way. Being around the top of her class she decides to tutor people for her reputation.

   Meet Jordan Sanchez the total badass who smokes weed, fights alot, skips school, and just overall doesn't give a flying shit about anything.

Warning~ Strong Language, Sexual Content, and Brief Drug use, along with a whole bunch of fake bitches

woosh_imtired woosh_imtired Aug 26, 2016
i'm happy about the fact that her boyfriend is more than likely going to cheat on her.
LiteralTrassh LiteralTrassh Dec 09, 2016
He CANT. But what makes you think he WONT. 
                              IDGAF IF I WERE HIM I WOULD BEAT HER ÄSS
polynice123 polynice123 Oct 07, 2016
I dont get this line if u werent interested like whats the point of saying that....
forrestgump_ forrestgump_ Oct 27, 2016
Why would they help you? You're in this alone. You was the one running your mouth.
xokhushxo xokhushxo May 17, 2016
What the fvck is this noone just asks that in the hall oh my goood im out yall i cant read anymore
LiteralTrassh LiteralTrassh Dec 09, 2016
She gives me a "Mean Girls" Regina Gorge vibe and I don't really know if I like it😖