Starscreams Big Sister

Starscreams Big Sister

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Transformer Lover By samanthakeeler23454 Updated Jul 24, 2016

"StarFire!" My helm shot up from the data pad I was reading, but relaxed when I saw it was just my Little spark-sibling. I chuckled adoringly at the Sparkling, as I watched him run on his little pedal. "What is it Starscream?" I gave him an amused grin and he grinned back trying to climb up my Ped, "Pick me up! pick me up! Please?" He dragged out the 'e' and I chortled , I picked my little spar know-sibling up and smiled lightly at him, We talked and played for a while then Starscream yawned "Will you sing me a song Star?" I chuckled and I ran my digits along his wing and he purred,  I chuckled, "Anything for you my little Spark." I started to hum, then sang softly,

"Sweet little Starscream, don't you cry.....
 I'll protect you, until my dying breathe, I love you my little Spark, and I'll always be there..." I noticed he was asleep so I slowly stopped singing. I vented heavily being careful not to wake up Starscream. I looked down at my spark-sibling and whispered "Be safe my little Starscream, you are meant for great things, you just don't know it yet....." 
I sighed softly as I watched my sweet little brother recharge, "I love you Sweetspark."

Hi my designation is Starfire I live in the palace of Vo's with my little brother
Starscream, as ruler of Vo's I'm sworn to protect my people for the war that is coming and that awful warlord. Megatron.

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AlphaBloodDragon AlphaBloodDragon Feb 22, 2016
I'm so excited! I'm currently writing one too and I'm scared to get something wrong. Thank you for making one! I can learn their body parts now XD I said their stomach is a digestive chamber I think. Or digestive engine. I know they run off energon but I had to :P SO EXCITED!!!!
bumblebeesbae4ever bumblebeesbae4ever Jan 29, 2017
Can u imagine Starscream in training heels. I mean that boy wear stilettos lol
OnlyTemptation OnlyTemptation May 06, 2016
Stap makin me cry... I keep thinking of Cliffjumper and Arcee
onyx_stormfirebot onyx_stormfirebot Nov 07, 2015
When she saw him again, it nearly made me cry when she started to call him those things
iAmSoCoOl128 iAmSoCoOl128 Aug 25, 2015
Moi;Prime and Star, 
                              sittin' in a tree
                              Star; Take that back.
Transformerslover25 Transformerslover25 Jul 19, 2015
I have a feeling that she likes Prime. 
                              Please tell me I'm right