My Crazy Life (Kurapika x Reader)

My Crazy Life (Kurapika x Reader)

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Blue☆Night By soraio Completed

1st place Hunter x Hunter Watty Award (Kurapika Kurta) winner of Spring 2017
Book 2: Our Story

(Y/n)'s clan called Kurta was massacred... and she was the only known survivor. However, when she discovers that someone else shared the same fate, will love arise spontaneously?


DISCLAIMER (Copyright):

Cover was made by myself. The art used for this cover does not belong to me, therefore that credit goes to the original artist. Furthermore, I do not own Hunter x Hunter or the characters.

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yootedddd yootedddd May 14, 2018
Lmao I’m just gonna day that my hair is it’s actual length. (Short hair sis what’s good)
Psycho_Suicide Psycho_Suicide Jan 10, 2018
                              We don't get a choice to have our own hair length?
                              Bad, author-chan, bad! XD
LoyalSociopath LoyalSociopath Mar 17, 2017
Tsk, tsk,
                              Don't you know?
                              A Kurta's eyes are naturally brown.
                              The hair can be of a different color but the eyes must be brown.
                              So to be exact to the cannon the eyes of (Y/N) should be brown...
                              But I'm just a nit-picky fangirl.
                              So you can ignore me.
deadaccount36785 deadaccount36785 Jun 19, 2016
Oh yea, bc my hair is as long and flowing as Haruhi Fujioka's post-gum incident 😂😂😂
worthlesswaifu worthlesswaifu Nov 27, 2016
I just so happen to be a kurta, with the sane tragic story, same exact motive, same exact story line and just so happen to find someone literally just like me
                              I SAY GOOD DAY AND GOODBYE TO THIS STORY
Katsuki_Bakubitch Katsuki_Bakubitch Mar 03, 2017
Oh cool a random boy I'm just gonna stare at him until he explodes >:3