My Crazy Life (Kurapika x Reader)

My Crazy Life (Kurapika x Reader)

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Sky☆Blue By soraio Completed

1st place Hunter x Hunter Watty Award (Kurapika Kurta) winner of Spring 2017
Book 2: Our Story

(Y/n)'s clan called Kurta was massacred... and she was the only known survivor. However, when she discovers that someone else shared the same fate, will love arise spontaneously?


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Cover was made by myself. The art used for this cover does not belong to me, therefore that credit goes to the original artist. Furthermore, I do not own Hunter x Hunter or the characters.

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                              We don't get a choice to have our own hair length?
                              Bad, author-chan, bad! XD
LoyalSociopath LoyalSociopath Mar 17, 2017
Tsk, tsk,
                              Don't you know?
                              A Kurta's eyes are naturally brown.
                              The hair can be of a different color but the eyes must be brown.
                              So to be exact to the cannon the eyes of (Y/N) should be brown...
                              But I'm just a nit-picky fangirl.
                              So you can ignore me.
PandaLuvsAnimeBae PandaLuvsAnimeBae Oct 06, 2016
deadaccount36785 deadaccount36785 Jun 19, 2016
Oh yea, bc my hair is as long and flowing as Haruhi Fujioka's post-gum incident 😂😂😂
worthlesswaifu worthlesswaifu Nov 27, 2016
I just so happen to be a kurta, with the sane tragic story, same exact motive, same exact story line and just so happen to find someone literally just like me
                              I SAY GOOD DAY AND GOODBYE TO THIS STORY
Feliciano_N_Italy Feliciano_N_Italy Mar 03, 2017
Oh cool a random boy I'm just gonna stare at him until he explodes >:3