First love! Makoto x reader [COMPLETED]

First love! Makoto x reader [COMPLETED]

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Ellie Tachibana By fairy_tail198 Completed

(F/N) recently moved to Iwatobi from the USA. She moved there because of her dads job but her dad started living back in America because there was more business. (F/N) quickly falls into a group of friends and joins a swim club. Little did she know, a boy named Makoto would backstroke into her heart.  <3

Disclaimer: I do not own the anime Free! Or the characters. I only own the story. 

Thank you @thatguava,  @-msfangirl, and @trouvaille- for making me book covers  :)

At lunch I hang out with ma besties and we make fun of my crush 😂😂😂
I would run away tbh if I talk to a guy who I think is cute I blush HARD so being surrounded by them I'm gonna be a god damn tomato
I always sleep for 5 more minutes before going to school😅
You mean hang out with hot shirtless guys all day? SIGN ME THE FAUQ UP
LollyLin LollyLin Aug 07
Soooo how high is he? Since in 156 cm and still growing. Yeah....
*burps* Nice one bro, in reality I would've just try run away but I'd just slip and fall on my face