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JAPartridge By JAPartridge Updated Oct 21, 2016

To save his first love, a shy Japanese teenage boy must prove to a Shinigami (Japanese death god) that love exists by making it fall in love with him.

When the shinigami invades his life, disrupting all his relationships and even coming in between him and his girlfriend, the horror, and impossibility of making death love him begins to sink in. Unable to even define love, he wonders if the shinigami might be right. Perhaps love isn't real after all.

Surrounded by the souls of those who died when love failed them, which are transforming into monstrous yokai, Michi perseveres. He desperately risks what remains of his life, determined that not even death will separate him from the one he loves.

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parrot1234 parrot1234 Apr 02, 2016
I'm not a fan of romance, but you pulled me into this book from the first chapter !  I love anime and this story looks like it could be used as a show. The Japanese traditions are here and the way you presented them in a very seamless manner them to readers who might not be fammilar with them.
amanda-samantha amanda-samantha Jun 28, 2016
Cool! I'm new here on watpadd so this better be good. Since I like Japan and everything Japanese I'll give this a shot. ;)
maybeiwas2shy maybeiwas2shy Aug 25, 2016
Play the Persona games. You get a pretty good grasp on honorifics and etiquette in general and have a blast obliterating monsters, exploring the psyche and delving deep into Jungian psychology.
freddy509 freddy509 Jun 30, 2016
I love Japanese stuff. Manga, sushi,clothes, etc. . So.. I'll give your book a shot :p
yourmamas yourmamas Jul 15, 2016
This will be the first time I'll read something like this so thanks for the heads up.
MyCasandra MyCasandra Jun 07, 2015
I love your writing. I want to see this story continue. But I also want to see Book 2 of Kingdom of the Stone. May I choose both?