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Paper Hearts ► Liam Dunbar[1]

Paper Hearts ► Liam Dunbar[1]

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sav short for savage By JustSav Completed

{ book 1 ; paper love series }
        ❝Feelings are like paper, once they're ruined they're never the same. That's why you never trust your feelings, they could leave you broken.❞
        Amara Monroe finds emotions very odd, which is probably why sarcasm is her second language. She's not heartless, but she doesn't trust her emotions. Her analogy is that feelings are just paper hearts and thanks to her ten year old mind that has been her mindset on everything.
        So it wasn't a surprise that when her family moved to Beacon Hills she could honestly careless. The only thing she did care about was that she's now a freshmen and a certain teammate of her brother. Immediately she think something's wrong with her, after all she does have a paper heart.
        Though that's not the only thing wrong. Sure her cousin is a kitsune, but what about her? What is she exactly? Questions and mysteries rise challenging Amara's abilities and insanity. To Liam she's just an innocent face in the crowd of freshmen like him. To Amara he's a challenge waiting to be solved. What she doesn't realize is she's putting her paper heart on the line.
        To think, it all started with a mind of a ten year old.

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[ teen wolf ; season four ]
All Rights Reserved | Copyrights © Sav 2015
Cover by Caitlin ( @illustration )

Can we just talk about the last ever episode and A.D. Big disappointment, I tell ya.
lararose9 lararose9 May 28
Lol netfix, reading and drawing r my passions but I'm forced to do dance 😒
This reminds me of a song by Bea Miller named 'Paper Doll' did u get inspired by her song or...... Was this just an idea that popped in your head?
I have 5 siblings on my moms side while 8 on my dad's side.... Christmas is chaos 😂😂
I have an older brother and sister, and three younger siblings. That doesn't count my half brother.
cometbear12 cometbear12 May 12
I don't talk to the family on my dads side of the family and the cousins on my moms side are either too young (7-9) or to old (40+)