The Thief's King (A Thranduil LOTR Fanfic)

The Thief's King (A Thranduil LOTR Fanfic)

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MavisMcQueen By MavisMcQueen Updated Jun 21, 2016

A young thief will do anything to get herself out of poverty, even steal from the Elven King himself. 

This story shows a much darker side to King Thranduil. 

(This is my first attempt at a Lord Of The Rings fan story and it is obviously far from the intricate writings of the lit god, Tolkien, and is much more on the darker side. Please let me know what you think; your comments are very motivating!) 

This awesome cover was crafted by the amazing @TiedinRed :D 

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I read that aloud with the music in the back and it was so beautiful. Dark and soothing at the same time.
I love "classical" music and it totally sets the atmosphere... I think I'm going to love your story...
I loved the music, the way you wrote. The vocabulary you use, the themes, the darkness of it all. Mannimarco's gif. It is an impressive first chapter. I want to know more.
First amazing description and writing. Second why so dark and scary?
castielsnicebutt castielsnicebutt Sep 21, 2016
Damn. This is so awesome! Im kinda scared but Im going to read the story nonethless. By reading the charter I couldnt stop thinking about Shakespeares Macbeth. It reminds me somehow of it.
Wabbit_Swayin Wabbit_Swayin Dec 28, 2016
Omg this is the sickest intro ever... that photo just straight up kills it..