Hades & I

Hades & I

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SilverPeony/Mssonder By mssonder Updated Mar 17

"Where is he now?" He asked holding my hands above my head while I shiver stubbornly holding his gaze glaring into his steely blue eyes.

When I jerked my face away from his grip on my jaw and looked away he held my jaw tighter making me face him again.
 " I asked you...WHERE IS YOUR 'SAVIOR' NOW!"

I sobbed my fight leaving me now...I was tired and he let me collapse at his feet and looked down at me.
 "You wouldn't feel this way if you didn't keep fighting me..."

21 year old Samara Leonidas' world is about turn upside down. When for once she decides to leave her  house for the first time on Halloween Night after months and has no idea in Hell.. How she ended up in--Well, quite frankly HELL.

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ijayvlova ijayvlova Dec 20, 2017
OMG!!! ITS HADESSSSS! AHHHHHHHHH! I'M SCREAMING RIGHT NOW. I'm so overreacting right now.😊☺😊☺😊
DellaYung DellaYung Oct 01, 2017
Every man is so into his car, like a baby with his hot wheel toys.
slowkissings slowkissings Apr 29, 2016
Could you tell me the name of the song on the side please? Your book is awesome by the way ❤️😉😊
laurenC16C01 laurenC16C01 Jul 04, 2016
I'm reading the book from the start again ....I love it 😘😍😙' (Ian somerhalder)🙌😚❤❤❤❤
RandomLee369 RandomLee369 Jul 21, 2016
Hooooo oooooo
                              Its just me hades and I solo ride untill we die 
                              Wait never mind we're already dead
SuperMay321 SuperMay321 May 08, 2016
I love that. 6,000 goose pimples. Never heard that phrasing before.