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Dominated - Sterek

Dominated - Sterek

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∆ Satan ∆ By BeTheDerekToMyStiles Completed

"And here we have number 476, Hezekiah Stilinski." A thin but muscled boy walked onto the stage, staring at the ground. His hair was a bit long, falling in front of his face. "He is 18 years old and healthy, very smart and sarcastic. Look at how pretty he is, and so shy. He'd make a very good submissive. Which of you Alphas want to have him? Let's start at one thousand, shall we?" 

Derek decided he didn't like the guy that was acting as if those humans were toys, but he also decided he did like the boy on stage. The boy had a very nice smell, it smelled like chocolate, mint and forest. There was something about this boy that he couldn't quite put his finger on, but one thing he knew was that he had to have this boy. And after a while of bidding, Derek's heart fluttered when he heard the words he had hoped for.

"Sold for twenty-two million to Alpha Hale, enjoy your slave master Hale!"

gretacorveta gretacorveta Mar 12, 2016
Stoles and Derek were meant to be 💝💜💓💖 who agree??
Awkward_Silence__ Awkward_Silence__ Feb 16, 2016
Awwww but Scott and All of them are just so cute how were they spared? I'm weird I know
JTParis JTParis Sep 07, 2015
I could never see Stiles being submissive, but I can't waite to see where this goes.
Theoryless Theoryless Mar 25, 2015
sounds interesting. ^-^ and being the sterek fan and fic writer I am I thought that you would enjoy my story The Pit... just throwing that out there.