Crave you  (Manxboy)

Crave you (Manxboy)

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Dee By MRRAINB0W Updated Aug 02

Thomas Harrison is 21 and owns a company  in New York ,his father died and left him to take over his company , Thomas is a very cold person and will do anything to get what he wants no matter what the consequences are .Aiken is 18 from the UK he has gone to New York to start a fresh to get away from the trouble at home. He  tries to make the most out of life and is very bubbly . 

This book contains homosexual scenes if you don't want to read homosexual scenes then don't its easy as that.

(This book might not be at the highest standard as I am dyslexic I will try my best )

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kaykay9914 kaykay9914 Jun 28
Glad to know I'm not the only one with a dirty mind😂😂😂😂
Jihoona30 Jihoona30 Nov 07
For the none bxb reading that opening would have had them.  For the bxb  reader, that's funny.
I knew that it wasn't sex,  I have a boyxboy smut detector in my brain
YaoiGirl111 YaoiGirl111 Aug 02
Could you post pictures and descriptions of the characters like their heights and stuff like that?:)
Come on Author if you wanted to try a trick is you should've put in a little more effort come on like SamoyaJohnson said we have bxb smut detectors in our Brains
I'm from the UK and whenever I face time my family they ask me if I've had tea yet and I say I drink coffee