Benefits Package (AM+BW)Interracial

Benefits Package (AM+BW)Interracial

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"Celine Summers" the receptionist called.
I stood and walked to the receptionist desk. 

"Mr.Lee will see you now" she said. 

"Ms. Summers"," Yes mam" I replied.

"Good luck" she told me.

"Thank you". I smiled and entered the office.

"I dont care".
" I pay you for results, not exscuses".
" Have it on my desk by 5".

This is the man I maybe working. Give me strength. But I need this job bad. I dont think he knew I was in their. His back was turned to me.

"Exscuse me Mr.Lee". 

"My names Celine Summers". "

"I'm here for the personal assistant position".

Thats when he turned his chair around. He had my resume in his hands. 

"On your resume'it says", and thats when he looked up at me. He paused midsentence. He had a strange look in his eyes, that passed as quickly as it came. 

"How rude of me, Ms.Summers have a seat". 
He motioned to the chair in front of him. When i sat down i had to adjust the hem. Then i crossed my legs. Did he just groan. Before i could think about it, he start...

myname111 myname111 Oct 18, 2017
Art is suppose to come after you've written you thought. Fix your Grammer,and dialogue. It's really confusing to follow.
WinterRoseAnna WinterRoseAnna May 21, 2015
I like where this is going :) i would say more details for sure i want to feel as if i am celine or as least her best friend.
juantay juantay Apr 04, 2015
@Indigowildchild Thank you for the encouragement and I'm working on the quotation thing.  I'm new to the writing game.
Indigowildchild Indigowildchild Apr 04, 2015
Finally a AMBW love story and its plus size! The only critique I have is that there aren't any quotation marks but other than that it's a great start!
CloverKingston CloverKingston Mar 18, 2015
That's the first thing that would have been on my mind is how he looks
juantay juantay Mar 15, 2015
@readers_addiction Thank you for the comment and adding my story.  Im new to writing. But will work better on my setup.