(SlowUpdates)Starcrossed Lovers (Sting Eucliffe x reader)

(SlowUpdates)Starcrossed Lovers (Sting Eucliffe x reader)

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RANDOMFANDOMSGIRL By RandomFandomsGirl Updated Nov 27

(Y/N) is an elemental dragon Slayer, she can use all four elements, but only combined.

She is friends with almost whole Fairy Tail. In fact, she is an S-class wizard of the guild. 

Laxus, Gajeel and Natsu are like brothers to her, idotic and annoying, But also caring at times. 

She participates in the Grand Magic Games as a Fairy Tail team b member. 

In the GMG she notices someone staring at her...

A guy...



( I kinda changed the order of the battles :-\ )

English isn't your first language? I could!'g even tell! This was really well-written!
Im 18 and 172 cm tall(sorry not american so dont know how many feet I am)
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Hehehe. I bet Mira said something ya know. Hehehe
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It's not!? You're English is better than a lot of native speakers I know. What's your first language?
Omg almost everyone here is like 12. Am I the only 16 year old??