Double Crossed: A Spy Tale

Double Crossed: A Spy Tale

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Melissa By tall_girl Completed

After discovering her whole life is a lie, set up by the American Government, Scarlett skips out on the secret Black Op's organisation, Thanatos, to have a chance of life without killing. 

But she is not without enemies. 

And Scarlett is soon thrown into a Russian underground prison, completely off the grid, when she is captured by her old flame and international arms dealer; Aleksandr Udonovsky. 

Scarlett is there for two years, induring unbearable torture, when she is asked for help by the man who put her in there; Alek.

She will have to save his brother who, unaware of Alek’s criminal past, is being held inside Thanatos, or be killed. 

Now, Scarlett will have to break into the one place she had vowed never to return to, in order to save her lover’s brother or risk her own daughter paying the price. 

What’s a secret spy to do?

  • arms
  • blackmail
  • cloak
  • combat
  • covert
  • cross
  • dagger
  • dealer
  • double
  • nikita
  • operative
  • prisons
  • spies
  • spy
  • weapon
007fan 007fan Feb 20, 2016
Nice start!  I like how you how her regret at betraying him yet her sense of duty as well.
LucretiaCastillo LucretiaCastillo Jan 07, 2016
High-gloss formalism and grey on grey morality. I like it already :)
InsertWeirdName InsertWeirdName Aug 17, 2015
About the whole book- why are Americans and Brits so harsh on Russians?
Zer0Creativity Zer0Creativity Dec 28, 2013
WOW THIS IS REALLY GOOD! I feel bad for Scarlett, Alek is either genuinely nice as well as a criminal, or a very good actor.
tall_girl tall_girl Dec 16, 2012
@Skyliner123 ahh, thanks!! wasn't too sure about it but i shall try and upload now!! xx
Skyliner123 Skyliner123 Dec 16, 2012
wow, nice story! this is so interesting. can't wait for the next one. :D