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Why I Love You (Nico Di Angelo) Book#1

Why I Love You (Nico Di Angelo) Book#1

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feel_of_oblivion By feel_of_oblivion Completed


Priscilla is 12 in a world to vast even for her imagination. Her sister just died and she feels like there is no where for her to go. So she runs away. Away from the haunting memories her sister left after her death. Away from the thought that her sister never fulfilled her dreams. Her sister had wonderful dreams, and they would never come into play. The dream her sister had of going to college was gone-shattered into pieces after that "accident." After Priscilla runs away, search teams are immediately sent out. Soon police find her in an alleyway shivering because of the cold winter air. They made her go back to her family, and they forced her to be a happy, normal middle school girl. She wasn't. Soon abnormal things start happening in her school, and she finds out that her best friend isn't who he says he is. Priscilla is then whisked away into a world of Greek Mythology that aren't actually  myths. But in this world Priscilla also finds the one person that could make everything ok again.

He is gay bi pan what ever you wanna call it but you can still wanna date him even if he technically could be your brother through hades
I love Solangelo, but sometimes I like the straight fanfics...
gkim2003 gkim2003 Jun 05
wait vinny? is that a guys name or a girls? my friend's bf is named vinny/ oh well better continue reading
...crap I was kinda expecting for him to be explained by Percy that Bianca died become of A FRICKEN GIANT!!!!!
I did the same thing in my fan fic. So don't worry, you're cool bruh.
Ham4Lin Ham4Lin May 26
I'm already depressed by this story because I live one town away from Princeton University and now I feel so sad..