Aria Salvatore x Klaus Mikaelson

Aria Salvatore x Klaus Mikaelson

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|LouiseMoon| By pastmidnight_ Updated Mar 29, 2016

Imagine believing your brothers died over a century ago? Believing your whole family was dead? Being turned into a vampire and no idea how, having to run from home. Only to find your brothers a century later with a girl identical to the one who'd torn your family apart. 

 Aria Salvatore turned at the age of 17. The twin of Stefan Salvatore and baby sister of Damon Salvatore, an unshakeable love and bond between them. Her entire life she has been used and manipulated by witches.

She finds her way home to Mystic Falls shocked that her brothers are still alive!. How will they react knowing she's been all alone without them this whole time they thought she was dead. What secrets does she hold and will she fall in love perhaps with a certain original hybrid? What memories has she lost? What monsters are after her? Who did she lose on her journey and find again and this time refuses to let Aria go?

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rosalieb18 rosalieb18 Mar 10
I'm back again....reading this book for like this sixth time, seriously author you did a great job on this thing😂😂
BeachyCreek BeachyCreek Jul 09, 2016
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 this is the best mess up ever!!!
_QueenBeey _QueenBeey Feb 20, 2016
I'm story but......
                              I'm such a kid
stirrat stirrat Jan 10, 2017
Love it!! Please read my story "choices" I'd love to here your feedback 💖
Ella_Risbe Ella_Risbe Nov 29, 2015
Sorry I just assumed u were talking about that day. I haven't actually started reading it fully. I will now. Sorry.
Ella_Risbe Ella_Risbe Nov 29, 2015
Isn't it 1864? When their father shots Damon and Stefan in the chest - and they turn into Vamps?
                              - it's 1864.
                              (I don't mean to be mean. I'm just 'addicted/obsessed' with The vampire diaries, so I know the dates to it).