Pregnant by the Enemy

Pregnant by the Enemy

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CeeDee828 By CeeDee828 Updated Jul 15

"I sit on the curb of the street and sigh. 

"You did this to yourself Bree!" Xavier tells me harshly, shaking his head. 

"I get it okay just leave me alone" I say wiping my wet cheeks. 

He shakes his head and walks away leaving me all alone. 

It's cold and quiet from the night, but my head is loud. 

What the fuck have I done? 

No one will EVER accept this.

I mean, the child I am pregnant with is considered a rival to everyone in our gang, even me." 

Brianna Vega's entire family runs their gang. 

Her father and brothers? Kings. 

Her mother? A queen.

Her? A spoiled princess. 

She's the most beautiful Latina in all of Los Angeles living the good life.

But her entire world is turned upside down when she meets Ramon Santana. 

Her loca life jut got even crazier. 

And it's only the beginning. 

You won't believe the lies, the violence, the sex, the love, the chaos, everything that led her,

to being Pregnant by the Enemy®.

Same here every of them last time i seen em they were doing tattoos in the garage at my tias house
I love tattoos imma get some just not a sleeve or anything big you know?
nenalovesanime nenalovesanime Oct 23, 2016
I love tattoos and im a girl im planning on starting a sleeve too
iamChristina_jung iamChristina_jung Jun 30, 2016
Yah. I tottaly agree with that. 
                              Tattoos is not gonna make you a cool person.  their just want attention.
EveSlim EveSlim Jun 14, 2016
OMG I LOVE THE MI VIDA LOCA my teacher made us watch it and i was amazing also you should translate your spanish to also english like how you say mi tio(my uncle) like that or mi hijo(my son)
Lil_Loca707 Lil_Loca707 Mar 05
I love tattoos I'm gonna get one for a few of my family members who passed