Rejected Hybrid

Rejected Hybrid

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_Hemmings03_ By _Hemmings03_ Updated Apr 21, 2016

Kimberly West is a hybrid. one of the most feared. Though she doesn't know.....yet.

Join Kimberly in a wild adventure.

(I know it doesn't sound good but give it a shot!)

XxFireMaryxX XxFireMaryxX Mar 08, 2018
Just casual I break my finger everyday so I'm gonna pop it back in the socket and move on with my day 
                              Yea..... ok
sarcasticxwhore sarcasticxwhore Jun 09, 2018
For a minute I thought I saw “I heard the most sexist voice ever” anyone else?
IDontgiveaIcecream IDontgiveaIcecream Nov 03, 2017
to anyone confused at the "well....and he is smiling" part the ..... mean the pearents are reading the letter and the author just placed it as .....
kawnyay kawnyay Jan 02, 2017
No boby else saw that she was human and then it said she shifted and put on clothes
Queen_Rume Queen_Rume May 03, 2016
I can barely get up the stairs in my house three flights um no thanks I'd build an elevator Thank you very much
Hobislittlebaby Hobislittlebaby Aug 11, 2018
I actually popped one of my fingers out of socket and my mom who is a nurse had to pop it back in and it hurt like bitch 😂