Rejected Hybrid

Rejected Hybrid

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_Hemmings03_ By _Hemmings03_ Updated Apr 21, 2016

Kimberly West is a hybrid. one of the most feared. Though she doesn't know.....yet.

Join Kimberly in a wild adventure.

(I know it doesn't sound good but give it a shot!)

PeakOfInZanity PeakOfInZanity Sep 05, 2017
Yea, what kind of pack has a hybrid(dunno mayb)as a pack slave? A stupid one obvi
ddfuntime ddfuntime Oct 19, 2017
Uhh... yeah... pow... pow...bam...bang... chitty chitty (in a weirded out voice).
white_wolf822 white_wolf822 Oct 20, 2017
You have no right to be angry you're the one who started it all anyways ya twat
PeakOfInZanity PeakOfInZanity Sep 05, 2017
Wtf he crying? Now he cares abt her??? He got a loose screw in d head or something?
Cattley_smith Cattley_smith Jul 30, 2017
Why the f-ck y got tears streaming down ur face for u the one who was beating her too and u supposed to be her brother now that us just a shame
IDontgiveaIcecream IDontgiveaIcecream Nov 03, 2017
to anyone confused at the "well....and he is smiling" part the ..... mean the pearents are reading the letter and the author just placed it as .....