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Rejected Hybrid

Rejected Hybrid

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_Hemmings03_ By _Hemmings03_ Updated Apr 21, 2016

Kimberly West is a hybrid. one of the most feared. Though she doesn't know.....yet.

Join Kimberly in a wild adventure.

(I know it doesn't sound good but give it a shot!)

WhiteW WhiteW Jun 21, 2016
Okay, he rejected her, she accepted the rejection, DONT LET THEM GET TOGETHER
YoongiAndHisSweg YoongiAndHisSweg Feb 10, 2016
Lol *joins and starts doing random ninja moves *WE ARE IN MULAN  !!!!!
Cuteturtle04 Cuteturtle04 5 days ago
I'm a ninja too! I just ninjaly dropped my phone on my nose! Twinning!
kawaii_misfit kawaii_misfit Sep 23, 2016
Hey Shelby's aren't bad my name is Shelby and I'm not that bad
TheLittlePinkMew TheLittlePinkMew Sep 09, 2016
Ohnonono why cliché starter you do this for a compo at school not a fanfic though I think I'm guilty of doing this in a draft.
hiellohellohey hiellohellohey 4 days ago
Yay finally a story that isn't like "I grabbed 200,000,000 dollars