Rejected Hybrid

Rejected Hybrid

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_Hemmings03_ By _Hemmings03_ Updated Apr 21, 2016

Kimberly West is a hybrid. one of the most feared. Though she doesn't know.....yet.

Join Kimberly in a wild adventure.

(I know it doesn't sound good but give it a shot!)

WhySoSrs_Skye WhySoSrs_Skye Sep 05, 2017
Yea, what kind of pack has a hybrid(dunno mayb)as a pack slave? A stupid one obvi
ddfuntime ddfuntime Oct 19, 2017
Uhh... yeah... pow... pow...bam...bang... chitty chitty (in a weirded out voice).
white_wolf822 white_wolf822 Oct 20, 2017
You have no right to be angry you're the one who started it all anyways ya twat
WhySoSrs_Skye WhySoSrs_Skye Sep 05, 2017
Wtf he crying? Now he cares abt her??? He got a loose screw in d head or something?
sweetzzz sweetzzz Jun 03, 2017
I don't like when they have fake tears all of a sudden it throws​ me the f*** off your heard lol
Cattley_smith Cattley_smith Jul 30, 2017
Why the f-ck y got tears streaming down ur face for u the one who was beating her too and u supposed to be her brother now that us just a shame