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Warrior Cat Last Words *Completed*

Warrior Cat Last Words *Completed*

200K Reads 9.8K Votes 40 Part Story
Curl By MysteriousCurl Completed

The original and first book about warrior cat's last words. Please, if you want to use this idea, give me some credit to the idea. Nothing big.
This book contains hundreds of spoilers, so please, if you have not read the series/don't want to find out how they die, I advise you not to read this. Thank you!

"There's nothing here!" ~Swiftpaw's fatal last words before the dogs attacked        ~~~        BOOK ONE, SEQUEL TO WARRIOR CAT DEATHS

Randoms897 Randoms897 Apr 24
I never read the books before The Power Of Three, sadly.
                              Those last words are 10/10 tho
KittyStrike KittyStrike Apr 29
Ugh not Firestar. Shouldn't Firestar die in StarClan too? He is a stupid idiot.
Annierazor Annierazor Apr 25
I thought it was pretty weird that he died from his wounds at the very moment the tree fell. And if he did die from the tree, I thought it was a pretty odd end for such a great cat. I'd have expected him to be killed in battle or something.
You love like a rogue, you die like a rogue... hmm... didn't Rowanstar say something awful similar to Darktail before Darktail attacked him and kicked Rowanstar's little tail?
Randoms897 Randoms897 Apr 24
But doesn't that mean that Tigerstar technically killed him, then?
                              Tigerstar gave him the wounds (Unless you mean the wounds from other cats) so that makes Tigerstar guilty.
70th comment. Which means the number was 69..
                              ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)