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Ninjago Yaoi Stories

Ninjago Yaoi Stories

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TheNinjaOfWind By TheNinjaOfWind Updated Mar 28, 2016

Lloyd was on the bounty, in his room eating his candy. Lloyd loved his candy, and he didn't want to share. Lloyd heard a knock on his door and before he got to answer, Kai burst into his room. "Lloyd! Why aren't you training?" Kai yelled/asked the green ninja. Lloyd shrugged and put another piece of candy in his mouth. "I don't know we had to train." Lloyd told Kai and continued to chew his candy. "Sensei Wu told us that we need to train." Kai said plainly, while crossing hi arms. "Well O don't want to train. I want to eat my candy." Lloyd told Kai and once again ploped another piece of candy in his mouth. "Why don't you share your candy with me, while the others train." Kai told Lloyd and came towards the green ninja with a smirk on his face. "What if I don't want to?" Lloyd asked Kai and put another piece of candy in his mouth. "I'll make you share." Kai told Lloyd. Before Lloyd could respond, Kai pressed his warm lips agents Lloyd's sweet tasting ones. Lloyd was shocked but kissed b...

Blinkingapple56 Blinkingapple56 Nov 11, 2016
I wanna give you some constructive critisism, and I am practically a grammar nazi so.........
                              I found seven misspellings in the story...
ShadeKun88 ShadeKun88 Jun 06, 2016
I'm very sorry but i am quite sertain that "I don't know we had to train" is not a correct sentence. I do believe that "I didn't know we had to train" would be more accurate.
CamiloGmz CamiloGmz Dec 15, 2015
Hey everyone!
                              I am going to tell you how Lloyd turned older!Yay!
                              Lloyd~chan wants to evolve!
                              *evolution theme starts*
                              *evolution theme ends*
                              Lloyd~chan has evolved into Lloyd senpai!
- - Sep 02, 2015
HALEY I LOST MY KIK ACCOUNT! What's your name again? And Kasual's?
GrimThree515 GrimThree515 Aug 01, 2015
I don't see glaciership but I do see magmashipping, GREENFLAME, lloydxcole
Filthy_Gomi Filthy_Gomi Jun 24, 2015
if you take suggestions.. glaciership:3.. if you don't.. sorry for asking..