A Picture's Worth a Thousand Lives [Being rewritten]

A Picture's Worth a Thousand Lives [Being rewritten]

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Katlyn By Katlyn Updated Dec 08, 2015

Meet sixteen year old Ailyn. Her life is pretty average in the eyes of someone passing by, but recently she has discovered that she has one really rare gift. Polaroid pictures of people she has never met are popping up everywhere. She finds them in book cases, when she's at the library, on the windshield of her car like its a parking ticket, and on order racks when she's working at the diner. Ailyn is afraid to look at them, every time she does she finds herself face to face with foreshadowed visions of horrible events. Sometimes these pictures contain a date scribbled on the back, sometimes a name, even a location from time to time. Ailyn does her best to try and stop these terrifying events from happening to these innocent faces, but its a tough job.

As the pictures become harder and harder to handle, something odd unfolds. The photos start telling a story, and while Ailyn and her new found ally try to piece it all together they find themselves in danger from something greater than just the risks they take to save the faces in the photos...

  • accusations
  • action
  • ailyn
  • anger
  • confusion
  • conspiracy
  • crashes
  • danger
  • daughter
  • funeral
  • future
  • gifts
  • heroes
  • heros
  • hope
  • kid
  • lies
  • new
  • reunite

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