Dead ( sequel to The World Ends)

Dead ( sequel to The World Ends)

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ZombieLivesMatters By cornstalk123 Updated May 22, 2015

I wake up in a dim lit room. I'm shackled and chained to the wall. Theres candles and a torch on the wall. 

"Morning." A voice says. I try to wiggle my way out of the shackles. Of course it doesn't work. And I'm stuck. The person comes out of the dark. Its a man with light brown hair and who looks fairly young but has to be at least twenty seven. He smiles creepy and sets a chair down and sits in it.

"Don't be scared." He says. The way he talks just makes scared. This guy isn't some stranger who wants to help me. First of all he kidnapped me. Secondly he shackled and chained me. 

"Who are you?" I ask trying to break free. 

"Names Ron. I been watching you." He says softly. Watching me!! Oh shit... I better get out here fast. 

"Watching me?" I say and shallow. I feel a lump in my throat and my stomach churns. 

"Yes, you been a that at first getting the car. What's his name? Oh yeah!!Ethan!!" He exclaims. This guy has been watching me from the beginning. I need to escape, run. My se...

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