A Bride At Seventeen

A Bride At Seventeen

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Katy Paige By Memow9876 Updated Jan 10

His gripped on my knee tightened, then relaxed and he slowly ran in up higher onto my mid thigh, dragging my skirt up with it. He leaned over, eyes still on the road, and I felt his lips brushed the shell of my ear, "Damn babe, you have amazing legs, so smooth and soft. Do you know what I'm thinking about?" I slowly shook my head, tears threatening to fall, and closed my eyes in fear of him. "I'm thinking of what it will feel like to have these legs wrapped around my waist," he bit down on my ear lobe and tugged gently. "Now would you like that? I bet you'll squeal and make all kinds of sexy little noises. I want to hear you scream for me, kitten."

I felt a single tear slid down my cheek. And to my utter shock he leaned closer, watching the road, and licked the tear off my face.  I shuddered in disgust and fear of this man, whose face I have yet to see.


17 year old, Ruth, lives alone with her brother/legal guardian, Isaiah. To make money they rent out the extra rooms in their deceased Parent's house, as a sort of inn. One day Isaiah loses his job, ashamed by this, he doesn't tell Ruth, so he thought up a plan without her consent. A childhood friend of his takes up Isaiah's offer to marry his younger sister in means to protect and provide for her. Follow Ruth in her new life as a 17 year old bride.

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  • psychotic
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