My Soldier » Lauren Jauregui

My Soldier » Lauren Jauregui

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JoeyGraceffasBeard By JoeyGraceffasBeard Updated Jul 01, 2017

•Lauren Jauregui/You•

You finally came back from the Military. The day after you come back your older brother comes back from tour. So after 2 years of being gone from your family, you decided to have a little needed time with your siblings. So you have a Siblings Day with your older brother, little sister, and little brother. You decide to take them to DisneyLand and your sister finds out that Fifth Harmony is also at Disney that day. So what happens when you meet Fifth Harmony and encounter a girl with beautiful green eyes?

(Possibly slow updates)

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TeamSuperflash TeamSuperflash Apr 16, 2017
                              Every comment is like 'I am a guy?' 😂
                              Just us girls read this things, and some guys, but mostly girls😂
kekemor kekemor May 08, 2017
I'm the same way when it comes to them or Lana Del Ray or 5h
undeniably5HandC undeniably5HandC Sep 19, 2016
Heelll no I don't care if I'm a dude but now way am I a styles!! I'll just block it out and continue to read minus the styles part
dnevitable dnevitable Jul 04, 2016
Wait how do I know she's exactly 11 inches shorter than me tho wth 😂😂
FvckingKordei FvckingKordei Apr 19, 2016
Nothing breaks my heart more than thinking you're reading a gxg story then finding out you're a guy
Allysus_is_Watching Allysus_is_Watching Nov 03, 2016
Oml I hate when people say "k" after I say something I think is interesting