Revenge (Masky x Ticci Toby)

Revenge (Masky x Ticci Toby)

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Warning caution bad words and yaoi read at your own risk 
This will be my first story I apologize for my bad grammar go easy on me :)

So I'm really pissed In the writing of this story my phone glitches out (thanks to Ben) and I lost all of it so I had to go back off of memory and rewrite it so I hope it's alright 

Masky's POV. 

The sweet taste of cheesecake lingered on my tongue, as I listened to my partner talk from across the table. I nodded slowly every once in a while showing him I was 'listening' 

I looked though him like a ghost, as my mind found it's way somewhere else. 

"Children" A sudden voice hollered from behind me.

My hands slammed down on the table, as I found myself chocking on the piece of cake that got stuck in the back of my throat. Hoodie hurriedly found his way to my side, patting me ruffly on the back to help the process of coughing it up. 

"Hello Masky, Hoodie, I have a mission for the both of you." Our master, Slenderman continued nonchalantly, as I con...

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Kitten_Kat Kitten_Kat 6 days ago
Slenderp be like: Oh. You're choking? That's cool. Whatever.
Kitten_Kat Kitten_Kat 6 days ago
He isn't really obsessed with cheesecake.  
                                -_- But...he can still eat it. EVERYONE CAN EAT CHEESECAKE!!! *throws cheesecake to everyone*
I'm stupid, I thought he would say, "He's really cut up," or something.
THATS ME EVERY SINGLE DAY I SEE A TT FANART.... like.. me, you, waffles?
                              Oh wait
                              You cant'
                              you're GAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY