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Age Is Not a Four Letter Word

Age Is Not a Four Letter Word

39.1K Reads 10 Votes 1 Part Story
AlwaysSnamione By Aisling1949 Completed

Hermione Granger's experiment in the potions lab goes all haywire.  Poor Severus Snape suddenly finds himself with a terribly uncomfortable problem.  The witch decides, since she caused the problem, that fair is fair as she tries to aid the wizard by offering to lend a hand.  How will Snape cope with a very personal problem?

This story has been censored.  I am unpublishing it.  Sorry all you over 36,000 readers.  This was one of my first stories, and I didn't know how to use the rating box.  I am an imbecile. Forgive me for being so uninformed.

Aisling1949 Aisling1949 Nov 05, 2016
Oh, I wish I didn't live him so much. Maybe I could write my own story with other characters.
Sierra_Diamonds Sierra_Diamonds Jul 26, 2016
The-Dark-Mistress The-Dark-Mistress Jun 29, 2016
So his own way of saying. I loved her when she was 16. Now she's 23 and I still do
Aisling1949 Aisling1949 Dec 30, 2016
I don't ship drarry and I still read it...And Severus with lots of women. But I adore snamione.
The-Dark-Mistress The-Dark-Mistress Jun 29, 2016
But he's sexy and ripped and classy and sexy and old fashioned and sexy and passionate and charming and....
                              Did I say Sexy?
LadySchneefee LadySchneefee Nov 17, 2015
Your first story? Well, I believe I am in for a treat! Looking forward to this :-)