If I Fall-A Dramione Fan Fic

If I Fall-A Dramione Fan Fic

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Chelsea aka Bunny By Lola2Hatta Completed


Draco Malfoy may no longer be a death eater and he may have gotten out of being sent to Azkaban. but that doesn't mean that his past is in the past. Every night he's plagued by horrid nightmares and they're only getting more graphic and realistic as time passes. To make matters worse, Hermione Granger comes hurtling into his life. She's dealing with her own problems including Ron's crazy mood swings after the war and her parents having no memory of her.

After Draco plays night in shining armor to Hermione she agree's to help him find out what's causing these horrific dream's he's having, but what if instead of the solution, she's part of the problem? What if their problems are in fact intertwined?

I have. absolutely no words. I am so touched by this paragraph, and it's so true.
- - Nov 04, 2015
How does the author come up with this someone please tell me
takemetoneveralnd takemetoneveralnd Aug 31, 2015
Sounds like my room... But make it coke cans instead of beer bottles
Amy_LoveBlue Amy_LoveBlue Aug 29, 2015
i love how Hermione Granger supports all the people who helped them
MarianneHPfan MarianneHPfan Apr 06, 2015
hermione was born to be head girl- literally. HG: Hermione Granger/ Head Girl.
MarianneHPfan MarianneHPfan Apr 06, 2015
his extracurricular activities especially were unsurpassable: how many 16-year-olds can claim to have smuggled a bunch of death eaters inside hogwarts?