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Malicious Love (Dipper Gleeful x Reader)

Malicious Love (Dipper Gleeful x Reader)

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•MelancholicColor• By AliceBlue389 Updated Nov 10, 2016

You who had been humiliated at your former school, by your now Ex-Boyfriend, Jacky,So you Decided to move to Reverse Falls, Everyone is raving about the Gleeful Twins. Curious, You decide to check it out. Dipper, cold, and devious boy, starts getting interested in you. Will you fall in love, despite avoiding the same incident? Or Will you succeed in keeping your heart to yourself?
Warning: Cussing and Swearing is used in this story.
-Cover: @EllaCarla100
She didn't make it! But she edited it! *Can anyone tell me who draw that though??
-Writing: All Mine!-
-Reverse Falls: Not Mine!-
-Gravity Falls: Not Mine!-

I repeat.
                              If you want to make this into a "oc/reader" insert, it would be fine to mention it.
                              Reader inserts are usually accommodated by "(h/c)" as in hair colour.
                              Not everyone has Blonde hair or Brunette. Think of others before you type. Put warnings and triggers too.
curlyfriesinsocks curlyfriesinsocks Dec 26, 2016
If I were her I'd punch him then shoot his nuts off in the middle of the night.
M1dnight_Shadow M1dnight_Shadow Aug 28, 2016
I have medium layered purple hair, and thick black framed glasses(hipster glasses). I look very emo/hipster.
Glitched_Fangirl Glitched_Fangirl Nov 15, 2016
"and banged him again the wall" My mind is in the gutter again...
But.....this was a reader insert 
                              UHHHWAAAHHHHH 😫
thatdeppresedfreak thatdeppresedfreak Aug 12, 2016
Yeah*changes it to Lose to be Purple hair (no judge) to my regularly hair color changes glasses to no glasses)