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Malicious Love (Dipper Gleeful x Reader)

Malicious Love (Dipper Gleeful x Reader)

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•MelancholicColor• By AliceBlue389 Updated Nov 10, 2016

You who had been humiliated at your former school, by your now Ex-Boyfriend, Jacky,So you Decided to move to Reverse Falls, Everyone is raving about the Gleeful Twins. Curious, You decide to check it out. Dipper, cold, and devious boy, starts getting interested in you. Will you fall in love, despite avoiding the same incident? Or Will you succeed in keeping your heart to yourself?
Warning: Cussing and Swearing is used in this story.
-Cover: @EllaCarla100
She didn't make it! But she edited it! *Can anyone tell me who draw that though??
-Writing: All Mine!-
-Reverse Falls: Not Mine!-
-Gravity Falls: Not Mine!-

No I WILL NOT sext you.
                              You are beneath me.
                              Bow before my chicken!!!!!!
                              That's a reference
He's gonna send it round 
                              I bet he will...
                              She's fuçked if he does
What have I done...This is just making me more confused xD I may be a tren but this is just too much for my child like brain lmao
Omg he gonna show it to ppl and she's gonna get called a slut... I watched a movie like this before..
*just when you finally realise that this happened* ...I'll murder you jacky...Prepare for the worst torture...Lemons..On your eyes..(it seems harmless, but your eyes will burn xD like a chili was stuffed in your eyes)
ZeaBae ZeaBae May 20
Some boy did the same thing. Luckily, I wasn't home and my dad got the text.  The boy asked for a picture of me in my bra. So my dad put on one of my bras and sent it. Best Day Of My Life.