Levi's Brothers (BoyxBoyxBoyxBoyxBoy)

Levi's Brothers (BoyxBoyxBoyxBoyxBoy)

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Alyssa By Lissykaye Completed

Levi isn't exactly an open person. As the youngest of his mix mashed family, he knows he's not exactly "top priority".

Not even his step brothers know of the abusive side of their adoptive father. And if he had his way, they never would.  But when Levi's new friend, who has 'problem' written all over her, it's not his choice anymore.

This is Levi and his four step brothers becoming closer than just brothers. Add in a few friends with secrets, lies, and cheating. Don't forget the crazy exes and old family coming back.



Princess_of_ships Princess_of_ships Nov 28, 2016
Uriel, that name is so familiat, but I can't seem tp pin point it. Whatever😕
                              And dude, do not follow him. Run like your life or your as* (cause it does) depends on it.
Omg the majority of the comments are so perverted...
                              ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  yes.
SyphonRaige SyphonRaige Dec 28, 2016
Me too, but on my essay, I was suppose to write an essay on the word soliloquy, but it turned into a rant about government and how unfair the system is.
Darkness_Dove_Hearth Darkness_Dove_Hearth Dec 13, 2016
Me too I don't take meds tho so it's really hard to stay focused
vampire_girl_ vampire_girl_ Dec 07, 2016
This is my third time reading this. I keep forgetting the ending every time I go to read it again
ㄟ(≧◇≦)ㄏ my brother is ADHD but he older then me tho ( ^)o(^ )