The Bad Boy Stole My Diary ⇨ Cameron Dallas

The Bad Boy Stole My Diary ⇨ Cameron Dallas

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What are you doing here?" He snaps.

I roll my eyes, my anxiety instantly diminishing. "Nice to see you too." I hold out the large yellow folder marked with his name and say, "I came here to give you your schoolwork."

Without a word, Cameron grabs the papers from me. I know what he's going to do before he does it; I shoot my foot out just as he attempts to close the door on my face, blocking the doorframe.

Cameron stares down my foot as if it is a disgusting creature from another planet. He glances up at me with a look to kill. "I'm sorry, but I don't accept visitors," He says, bitter sweetly.

"The mat says Welcome," I point out, earning an eye roll from the Best Boyfriend of the Year. Note the sarcasm.

Cameron sulks, opening the door wider. "I hate that mat," he mutters and steps aside to let me through.

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