How to Burn a Pine Tree (Discontinued)

How to Burn a Pine Tree (Discontinued)

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The Nohrian Scum By Niki-Chan234 Completed

This story is discontinued but feel free to go through and read/reread

Furious by his defeat, Bill Cipher wonders how to get his revenge on Dipper, and now that Dipper just went back home, that seems unlikely... But when an unlikely idea pops in his head, how far will he go to get his revenge?

Back home, Dipper finds it hard to settle back into school after everything that happened that summer. But when a new student comes to his school, all of his fears come back.

Gravity Falls fanfic, Bill x Dipper shipping... I hope you enjoy

  • billcipher
  • bippershipping
  • dipper
  • dipperpines
  • gravityfalls
  • mabelpines
  • ocinsertofdoom
  • yaoi
Novai65 Novai65 Mar 11, 2016
AAAAAAAAANNNNNNDDDDDD......bumbumbum!!!! (starts playing Darth Vader March)
xSummer_Dreams xSummer_Dreams Jan 13, 2016
"Kyle smiles at me."
                              It just reminds me of that song 
                              "I look at him, he looks at me." 
                              Idk ;-; am I weird?
GalaxiesStars GalaxiesStars Jan 01, 2016
This is brilliantly set out, I'm hibernating in my room until I finish reading this piece of art work, ARIGATO AUTHOR-SAN!!!!!!
Lynnsand1324 Lynnsand1324 Nov 05, 2015
At first I was wondering who the new student from Gravity Falls... I was like Pacifica? Hmmm,..........
                              OH IT'S BILL!!!
British-Gentleman_ British-Gentleman_ Jun 20, 2015
my bus driver in 6th & 7th grade, his name was Larry. weird... but cool(o.o)
isnt_it_everything isnt_it_everything May 31, 2015
The title is so creative, but i would have never thaught such a talented writer was behind it. Please update soon im on the edge of my seat