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Living with Alex

Living with Alex

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Hellur By food_lover21 Updated May 02, 2016

Nicole is the girl that every guy falls for. ( at least that what her mom tells her) Nicole is a weird, fun chick but she has all the brains. It all becomes a tragic when her house burns down. That's when she lives with Alex. The jock, the popular boy, and the prankster. She has too live with a cocky, arrogant, and a annoying jock for the rest of senior year. The joy. Note my sarcasm.

VeggieMeat VeggieMeat 2 days ago
Dude of you weren't girly you wouldn't prefer dresses over shorts hsdwmxdenrfhbcfrucnrfubcufrbcufrfru
jordondundundun2 jordondundundun2 Aug 11, 2016
You wouldn't believe it but @3dream_writer3 has a book called "Ryder the love expert" and April is like a bad girl-ish 😂😂
whatzsup1 whatzsup1 Feb 25, 2016
One day Ill get it
                              *looks at the fridge longingly waiting for it to magically ooen and bring me food*
Ali_ShadedChase Ali_ShadedChase Nov 23, 2016
I would do the same thing if someone talked to my gal friends like that.
Dempseyswag Dempseyswag Oct 27, 2015
*You may be thinking "Why is she in such a good mood?" (Especially since it's morning.)
TheBestBakingSoda TheBestBakingSoda Mar 25, 2015
But looks are what a person first sees.... I mean unless your super cool and can see personalities then can I have ur power....
                              Sanario: *looks over to a girl and wants to become her friend then sees a list on her heart with slut in first with bold letter* Ohhh yea I'm never mind....