Eaten Alive ✓ [Completed]

Eaten Alive ✓ [Completed]

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Alfie Meader By AlfieMeader Completed

Highest Rank In Horror - #7 

The horrific zombie apocalypse breaks out! Alfie finds himself with two people that he has only just met as the world begins to slowly end. No body knows the truth of how anything has happened and Alfie is determined to find out. Will he be able to? 

Read as we follow Alfie become a fighter, a leader of a group and survive the apocalypse.

Who will survive and who will get eaten alive?

*Completed*  ✓
*#NoMoreBullying Challenge*

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- - Mar 11
I don’t think you need this in here, or keep this and use a semicolon after “bright green eyes”. Right now it’s a run on
- - Mar 11
Really long run on. Use commas, semicolons, and periods to prevent these. They make the reader bored easily.
Ok seriously how old is this kid, even i would pay attention if the tv says evacuate. Come on.
That’s awfully convenient for the rest of the story isn’t it
To bring new show courage the cowardly dog...starring courage the cowardly dog abandoned as a pup he was found by Muriel and her husband Eustace bag...creeeepy stuff happens in nowhere.........
For once they meh news doesn't say, stay in your houses, a nice change but a great way to start some chaos in the streets