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The Stars Of Asura

The Stars Of Asura

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Sweet Incense By RachelSluder Updated May 31

Looking at the map several times to confirm, yes it's beautiful, it's perfect.  The little town in Greece, right at the edge of the sea.  Far away from any other towns on the coast, surrounded by gorgeous trees.  It was a wonderful escape from my home town, new faces, and new opportunities.  
  Asura tried to escape her home she grew up in, and she got her chance.  Finding a town that few knew of, and few lived by, it was a great option.  Calling in for homes she was surprised at how easy it was, moving all the way from Russia, the man helping her get settled, knew just how to do things.
  Although when she gets there, she is surprised at what she is faced with, the men in the town wasn't human, she didn't know what they were.  What's worse is that she was brought right into the middle of the mating year, where they viciously fight off anyone who goes near a woman.
  Terrified she is approached by the most important men in charge, what were they?  How can she get away.  Once a woman is marked they become tied together, nothing can break it, they are companions till death.

Besides there's something else too it that I haven't revealed yet that's in my next chapter that has to do with it.
She thinks they're just making some big joke or even trying to get her to leave, because she's new and they are a town that doesn't get new people.
Well she has traveled through other countries, but she was referring just to the one she is in. Mostly because she spent more time in Greece searching for the city she was moving into.
- - Apr 20, 2015
Oooo dude, I think you went a tad to far there. *pokes Rykers cheek*