The Fighter (Minecraft Story) Book One Of The Moone Trilogy

The Fighter (Minecraft Story) Book One Of The Moone Trilogy

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Rockn Rebel44 By Rocknrebel44 Updated Mar 19, 2016

All Kat knows is that her name is Katherine, she's a Minecraftian, and she is something special. She woke up with no memory whatsoever, but once she gets into the world of Minecraft, bits and pieces start to return. However, her loss of memory may be the least of her problems. 

There is a war (between good and evil obviously). And Kat is stuck in the middle of it. She's either the hero that saves everyone, or the one that destroys them all. So things get complicated when she remembers stuff, when she meets new people, makes new friends, and has to travel to determine her destiny. Which was supposedly written for her. 

But Kat is a fighter. And she isn't going down without a fight.

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companionDonnaNoble companionDonnaNoble Nov 04, 2017
One paragraph in and there's already fourth wall breaking... I think I'll like this book
RCatFire77 RCatFire77 Mar 06
...have I really not even started or something? I could’ve sworn I’ve commented somewhere before...
glitch_effect glitch_effect Feb 29, 2016
Ooh character, Pixel actually has a girlfriend named Kat XD
NightGirlGamer NightGirlGamer Feb 20, 2017
Half of the sun was gone.. *gasp!* what will we do!? 😢😀😉
Karimkilzar Karimkilzar Jun 26, 2016
So far it's like reading Todd's boring "Minecraft Basics" chapters but in another and more interesting way