Another Martin (Stilinski)

Another Martin (Stilinski)

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RiverdaleWolf<3 By Tommo19 Completed

What would happen if Lydia had a sister?    Taylor Martin is the twin sister to the one and only, Lydia Martin. While Taylor thinks this year is going to be amazing due to her perfect boyfriend and sister, stuff goes down hill when Allison Argent comes into town and starts dating Scott McCall, and when you meet Scott McCall you also meet his best friend Stiles Stilinski, who has been in love with Taylor since the third grade. 

I'm sorry if anyone else has this title I just kinda made it last second! And this is also my first story so please no hate! Also I do not own Teen Wolf if that wasn't obvious! Also I know the description sucks but trust me the book will be better!!
[ seasons 1 & 2]

[ book 1 ]

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thunderblink thunderblink Apr 14, 2017
That movie is soo sad but its one of my favorites!😭😭😭
ACDF1346 ACDF1346 Jul 10, 2017
I absolutely love The Vamps!!! ❤️ My favorite band alongside Maroon 5!
Sired-To-Damon- Sired-To-Damon- Apr 19, 2017
What do you didn't care, bítch you better care and not hurt my husbands feelings 🤣🔪 (I'm Latina hence the crazy)
I swear I thought it was Danny who said that, but I may be wrong.
gallagherslut gallagherslut Jul 24, 2016
1. Shawn Mendes is so good tbfh 
                              2. I have no clue who the vamps is..
                              3. Beyonce IS MY FAVORITE- and I'm not just saying that because everyone else loves Beyonce. I genuinely love her.
                              4. Taylor swift is Satan.. :)
D3xterE D3xterE Jan 15, 2017
as much as i love stiles i always love a good badass bitch kind of character too