Grasping Alice

Grasping Alice

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Rose By rose_cx Updated Oct 17, 2016

"Alice, when are you ever going to listen?" Eli whispers in my ear, his warm minty breath gliding across my skin. 

I try to ignore the tingles it gives me, and I step to the side, racing towards the door.

Jax immediately appears in front of me, blocking me. His hands grabbing my wrists and in a split second he has me against the wall, his body pushed up against mine, his mouth on my jaw. 

"We're going to have so much fun, Alice." Eli says huskily as his eyes fill with lust. 


On July 23rd, I learned 5 things. 

Number one- do not hitch-hike. 

Number two- If you do hitch-hike, and the car that stops for you is 2 very attractive twin brothers, still do not get in, no matter how much you want to eat melted chocolate off their abs. 

Number three-  If those two men turn out to be your mate, do not run away from the car, just remember that two werewolves are way faster than one human girl. 

Number four- If both of your mates turn out to be alphas, one of them turning out to be one of the meanest, cruelest, dominating, evil, and possessive alphas in the world, do not hit him in the head with your flipflop. 

Number five- If your flipflop breaks over a certain alphas head, do not try to steal his shoes instead.

jaylapowelllove jaylapowelllove Dec 23, 2016
What do you mean?! You got two hot aśs werewolves! I got one hot aśs human. Be fùcking thankful.
All I'm thinking about is that the guys are werewolves and she probably smells of urine....
pookie_mani pookie_mani Jan 27
Ok so since she couldn't wipe her ass she smells like piss and when she meets the werewolves wouldn't they smell it and if they wouldn't that be awkward