Minecraft's 7 Deadly Sins

Minecraft's 7 Deadly Sins

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BUSY HOLD ON TIGHT By TPikachu Updated Mar 26, 2017

There are The Seven Aetherly Virtues-Patient, Humility, Kindness, Diligence, Temperance, Charity, Chastity. Who are they? None other then Team Crafted. There were once chaos that rules Minecraftia but with the Virtues to guide them, Minecraftia become more peaceful- although it does have many troubles... 

There will be mistakes. Little mistakes. 

But one person will make a huge one... Someone from Team Crafted. This one mistake can mean the end of everything... including Minecraftia. It can awake what everyone fears, even Notch's... The 7 Deadly Sins. 

One mistake can end it all.

(If you dont like a very slow and long book then please.. This book is long and slow.. Maybe there's better books out there for you. 0^0)

(YouTuber 7 Deadly Sins, got this idea when I was thinking 7 people in TC.. 7 Deadly Sins... And bang! A new book is here)

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BeccaWise4 BeccaWise4 Oct 11, 2017
Ross, don't cry!
                              Get it?  Cuz...house owner....
                              I'll just leave now
ChrisInAChrisis ChrisInAChrisis Mar 06, 2016
My brother isn't THAT mean............ He has a bad experience with his brother...........
Dawn_The_Mochi Dawn_The_Mochi Dec 12, 2016
                              The animal Mudkip is baced off of is a water animal that most people mistake as a fish, but in reality it is an amphibian. So bam Mudkip isn't lying xD
SilverScreamer SilverScreamer Oct 19, 2015
OMG THIS IS A FREAKING AWESOME IDEA!!!! I just hope it won't end with them going really good and stopping Herobrine.
gwendolyn1 gwendolyn1 Jun 03, 2015
Yays, so would the sins look like them or would they look different from the virtues?
PaintCans__ PaintCans__ Jun 02, 2015
wow!! such a good start!! and I hate to say this but.....I have a character idea....if you need one of course! I just really want this character in a book of yours....I lurv you! peace out <3