I Scream (Book 1)

I Scream (Book 1)

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(A/N: DISCLAIMER! I DO NOT OWN RWBY OR ANY OF ITS CHARACTERS. IF I INTRODUCE ANYONE NEW I WILL CLAIM THEM. Also I this story probably will not be consistent with the series as I am making up the back story. Also I'm in the process of revising/editing chapters.)


Roman, my boss, just finished giving the speech to the blood thirsty faunus of the White Fang. They cheered him on and the new recruits started coming forward, but two of them hesitated and began talking nervously to each other. One was a girl with black hair and cat ears. Her companion was a boy with messy blond hair and a monkey tail. They talked in voices too low for me to hear and looked around seeming to search for a way out. 

Roman noticed them just like I had as they looked around for an escape. The monkey boy even waved at Roman hesitantly, noting to his cat friend that Roman could see them. Before anyone besides my boss and I noticed the pair of them, the cat girl pulled out her gun and fired into the power...

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Never question Ozpin's decisions, even if sometimes they make no sense.
                              Or do they?
PuddleOfFire PuddleOfFire Jun 29, 2016
I love how you gave Neo a voice that is believable. It's so fitting of her!
PuddleOfFire PuddleOfFire Jun 29, 2016
I also like how you incorporated actual parts of the show into the book.
Hotness27 Hotness27 Jan 06, 2016
I love how everyone I know thinks I'm Yang, and she's the muscle XDD
IAmRimmyTim IAmRimmyTim Dec 19, 2015
Its not Schee, it's actually Schnee. I love how it's from Neo's point of view though! You did great!
MichaelaRoan MichaelaRoan Jun 23, 2015
(。◕ ∀ ◕。) I LOVE NEO.
                              I say as my picture is Roman.
                              Still though, awesome chapter.