Friend Zoned #Wattys2017  #YourChoice2017 [Completed]

Friend Zoned #Wattys2017 #YourChoice2017 [Completed]

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Z By BelovedZ Completed

We all know how hard it is to be one of those who are in friend zoned. But what if because of this situation, you will find the right person for you? 

Alamin ang kuwento ng buhay ni Karlesha Danielle Arellano, a lady who was once included in a friend zoned, but found another person to love. 

Will she risk their friendship over love? Or move on and focus on what's on the present? 

A story that matters friendship, sacrifices, and the choices between past and present. 


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Started: February 28,2015
Ended: January 14,2017

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chaiyers chaiyers Apr 16, 2017
Ang ganda nang intro/prolouge pero masakit kong friend zone ka lang
justmethisisme justmethisisme Aug 16, 2016
Ay!naranasan ko na ang ma-friendzoned but yung ma-fall in love again,no friggin' way!
Allyna0214 Allyna0214 Feb 13, 2017
Masakit pala ma prenzone. Nong tine na un umamin ako sa pren ko pero sabi nya sorry kaibigan lang kita may mahal akong iba...... ouch
Thunder_Sy Thunder_Sy Jan 28, 2017
Parang ako di umaaamin sa bff kong Gwapo . Promise ang Gwapo ng bff ko  , crash nga sya ng School nmin eh pero inaasar syang bakla kase lagi naming kasama , also puro name babae
ChelleTipanero ChelleTipanero Sep 24, 2016
Hindi ako na friendzoned kaso lang nag hiwalay kami agad ng boybestfriend ko😢💔
Pandora_Hearts00 Pandora_Hearts00 May 27, 2016
Huhuhu na EXPERIENCE ko po to.huhuhuhu 😭 sana maka relate ako nito. 😭😭 saklap ee. Mashakittt. friendzoned ee. Huhuhu 😭😭